Brian Chan was born and raised in Scotland; a persistent and unpredictable weather changing country with a large multicultural society. His creative talents are a mix bag of; Collage, Drawing, Installation, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture and Fashion. He studied at Glasgow Metropolitan College. Anniesland College and The Glasgow School of Art, achieving his HNC Fine Art, HND Public Art and BA Hons Painting and Printmaking Degree, the time needed to accomplish this allowed him to establish his own style and movement. In saying this, it also required four portfolio submissions attempts in order to finally study  at the Art School. His work engages through emotions, ideas and the fascinations of forms, lines, space, dimension, juxtaposition and the harmonious  flow through aesthetic representations. The extension of expressions forms a sense of light heartiness, essence of youth, humor or adventurousness, through the characteristics in relation to abstraction. All of this has been created from his own interest in expressionist and neo expressionist painting.

Brian started his lifestyle as a young artist at 2006 working alongside Master Teh. His Master Hock Aun Teh artist taught him to express himself and to explore endless possibilities. In April 2007 he moved into his own studio next to Master Teh's. In July he participated in an art project for two weeks organized by the Athens School of Fine Arts in Rethymno, Crete. The Utopia Project published a book including Brian's working space. Right after that project, he travelled abroad to China, Beijing for a great opportunity with private lessons from famous artist, Jun Rui Wang. Although he was offered to study there he knew he had to remain among western culture to challenge the possible boundaries. His young artist career in 2008 was rewarded with a unique award on his final HND course at College for Outstanding Student In School of Hospitality, Sport & Creative Arts.  He went onto have a series of exhibitions in Glasgow and London.

In March 2012 he showcased a sample of his work in a Fashion show at SWG3 hosted by Supermax. In June that same year at The Glasgow School of Art Brian showcased a unique and positive vibe: a Popup Boutique installation showcasing  the concept of the fusion between Art and Fashion and forming an artistic lifestyle within the creative industry. After Graduation, Brian began to evolve into Scotland's HIP art and fashion scene. His extension of art onto garments, a mode of direction to exhibit his work in much broader perspective is inevitably going to gain attention. Brian believes it's a lifestyle; we live it so let's wear it! Even though Brian has never studied fashion but his passions for art, craftsmanship and interest in fashion has taken the creative industry by storm. This aspiring young artist is waiting to make a mark in the fashion industry. Using his zesty approaches and collage techniques from causal and formal wear to avant-garde appeals.

Swiftly, Brian showcased a few Fashion Shows within Glasgow and has been shortlisted top 10 with the WGSN Global Fashion Awards. Brian has been pushing his creative boundaries and collaborated with dancers for his Visual Art Performances. Furthermore, Brian also showcased at two London Fashion Week Events with Superstar Magazine and Fashions Finest. He showcased Sculptures in forms of accessory bags, backpacks, eyewears, and headpieces and transformed his paper collage into various ways such as waistcoats. Brian offers the fashion scene a new experience full of excitement and buzzing for more, bringing new energy to the world of fashion.  We get to experience art coming to life through fashion. Brian has received a rave of interest through interviews and press mentions and there is more to follow.  In addition, Brian have made front-page headlines. Brian is also a shortlisted contestant for Britain’s Top Designer Award. Furthermore, Brian will be showcasing at Brighton Fashion Week the Zeitgeist Show at June the 13th 2013.  The Scottish Fashion Awards has recognised Brian's unique talent and announced a new Scottish designer. His journey has only started as a new designer at a global scale.  Brian's creative force is like a collage, he can adapt his creativity in many ways and Fashion is one of those possibilities and aims. He is eager to help the world to make a difference. He is just going for it. 

Brian’s Label is based on Menswear, Womenswear and Accessories. The Label showcases the concept of the fusion between Art and Fashion to forming an artistic lifestyle within the creative industry. It is bold, daring, edgy, lively and trendy as well as offering an energetic galactic experience. His exploration enhances the materialization through the combination of collaging medias, focusing on the relationship between Art and Fashion, to expand the dimensional surface possibilities.